About us


In (1992) Al-Takamul Company for Export and Import was established. In the year (2002) we changed the name of the company from Al-Takamul to Al-Amanah Company for Mother and Child Care Ltd. as a company specialized in the field of mother and childcare registered under Commercial License No. (53067) Commercial Registration No. (1500) and Chamber of Commerce No. (329-3).



Now we own our own brand called Top Fresh, which was registered in Libya in (2006) and in the European Union in (2010) and has become very well-known and famous for its high quality, available in all Libyan markets. Currently, we import baby diapers - adult diapers - wet wipes - makeup remover wipes - medical wipes - sanitary napkins - baby shampoo and shower gel under the name Top Fresh.



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